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New SAT Reading 800: Guaranteed Results

A proven way to ace the SAT Reading section.
Philip Lee
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Understand the components of the reading test.
Know where to look for an answer in the passage.
Pick the correct answer from given choices.

This is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to score perfectly on the reading section.

You will learn how to connect the passage, questions, and answers in order to pick the right answer every time. I have helped students who have tried expensive prep courses but been unable to improve on their reading – even some of my 9th grade students have scored perfectly on the SAT.

All you need to complete this course is a determination to succeed and a copy of the official practice tests from the College Board website.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping my students achieve their goals. Let me help you achieve yours!


Course Overview

Find out what you will learn in this course and how it will help you ace the SAT reading test.

Answer selection

Direct Details

About half of all answer choices are direct details. This lesson is the easiest way to boost your score quickly!

Implied Ideas

Some answer choices are not exactly the same as what is said in the passage. Learn how to distinguish between a correct answer and one that uses too much inference.

Vague Viewpoints

Some answer choices sound confusing... Learn how to understand what these answers mean and how to pick the right one.

Analogies & Assumptions

Analogies and assumptions are not that common, but if you want to score 800, you have to be prepared for every type of answer!

Reading skills

Expository passages

Expository passages are the most common type of passage. What information is the author trying to convey? If you learn this skill, you will be able to succeed in the SAT, in school, and in business!

Narrative passages

We often read narratives for fun. But learn how to read with purpose to get the most meaning out of a story in one attempt.

2 Passage analysis

Some passages require us to compare and contrast two passages. Learn how to read these 2 passage sections so that you can answer the questions quickly.

Key vocabulary

450 words you MUST know in order to ace the reading section.

Macro questions

Main ideas

What's the main idea of a passage? This one will be easy if you paid attention during the reading skills lessons.

Logical structure

Authors use different kinds of logic to develop their arguments. Learn how to answer these types of questions.

Micro questions

Detail search

This the most common type of question, so make sure you pay attention!

Support your answer

These questions are my favorite! They are free points for the questions themselves and the ones before them.


"Why did the author include this sentence?" You'll find out how to determine purpose in this lesson.

2 Passage connection

Some questions require you to connect details from 2 passages. Don't panic. Watch this lesson and find out how to do it!

Data questions

Interpreting data

Learn how to read graphs quickly and effectively.

Connecting data

Not only do you need to know how to read graphs, but you also need to know how to connect the graphs to the passages. Find out how!

Language questions

Vocabulary in context

Vocabulary in context questions require that you pick the best substitute for a word. Do you know what tricks to looks out for?


Metaphors, anecdotes, and hyperboles... Oh my! Learn what kinds of rhetoric you need to memorize.

Next steps

Next steps

Get ready to take the next step on your road to acing the reading section.

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