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Crash Course 2 Keto – Ketosis Made Simple

Learn The Essentials of The Ketogenic Diet For Effortless Fat Loss, Mind-Blowing Energy, & Focus.
Dr. Brady Salcido
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Confidently Achieve Ketosis In The Shortest Amount of Time
Get a Comprehensive Understanding Of Ketosis and How To Achieve It
How To Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burner
How To Use Ketosis to Fuel Massive Weight Loss
How To Use Ketosis to Improve Your Energy
How To Combine Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting
How To Track Ketosis




  • “Very good presentation and hearing Keto explained by an authoritative source provides clarity. My husband and I are using this course as our bible to going keto. Not only is the curriculum comprehensive, but it is also explained in layman’s terms for newbies, such as myself, to understand. I’ve watched the course several times because that is how I learn, but each time I seem to focus on something different and it has helped me plan and execute my journey to ketosis. So thankful I found this course, thanks for sharing it with those who are interested in a logical and proven way to a healthier lifestyle.”
    – Angie Norris
  • “This was an excellent course and very motivating. I’m new to the Keto diet and this was the perfect place to start. Instructor was engaging and direct. This diet is the perfect fit for my lifestyle as i have already seen the benefits of intermittent fasting and as I’m trying to gain more energy and burn more fat to fuel my love of cycling.”
    – Kevin Frank
  • “Excellent, videos carefully explaining Ketosis and it’s benefits. Of all the books I purchased on Keto, I finally understood it’s meaning and application from this course.”
    – Jose Carbo
  • “Very informative! I’ve been doing Keto for about 4 months for weight loss and haven’t lost that much weight. This helps me see where I have been going wrong a tweak things and keep on track.”
    – Teresa Cronin

Keto aka Ketosis has seen tremendous growth in popularity recently for it’s amazing results. Ketosis has been helping countless people BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE, IMPROVE ENERGY, INCREASE THEIR FOCUS, and REJUVENATE THEIR HEALTH!

What if I told you that they were able to achieve these amazing benefits while eating the foods that they LOVE!

Ketosis is a state in which your body is burning FAT as it’s primarily fuel source and if done properly can actually burn your own fat stores to fuel massive weight loss. Not only that but it has been shown to improve athletic performance, brain function, and energy.

The problem is many people are unaware of the proper strategies and tools needed to flip the switch on their metabolism for fat burning. This is leading many people attempting the ketogenic diet to make some critical mistakes that are preventing them from experiencing the full benefits of ketosis.

In this course, you’ll learn how to get all the benefits of ketosis with as little bumps in the road and mistakes as possible. You’ll also learn:

  • How to maximize the benefits of ketosis and avoid the top 3 mistakes!
  • How to use ketosis for fat loss!
  • How to combine ketosis with intermittent fasting for rapid and powerful ketosis!
  • Hacks for beating the Keto Flu and making the transition a breeze!
  • How to track and measure your progress along the way
  • Get Recipes, Workouts, and Guides to get the maximum benefit

The Crash Course 2 Keto also comes with a FREE FASTING GUIDE, FREE RECIPES, and 20 FREE WORKOUTS!

More Praise For Crash Course 2 Keto!

  • “I really liked the course and it was straight to the point as to how to get into ketosis and also how you can combine this diet with intermittent fasting as a way to boost your results. If you really want to be healthier, in better shape and have more energy, focus and brain power, this is the course for you. I’ve tried myself and it’s been doing great. You can feel the most difference when you put on some carbs back to your diet and have a feeling of lethargy, then when you come back to the low carb approach you feel great.”Felipe da Silva França
  • “The course was very informative and provided me with a blueprint on how to get started. I especially appreciated the FAQ because many of the questions I had after going through the course were addressed.”Saquoria
  • “Awesome!”Prashanth Kumar
  • “Really helpful!!! So many hacks and practical tips for getting into ketosis. I also enjoyed the way dr. brady explain complex concepts in a simple manner without information loss.” – Marcos Medeiros

Module 1: Ketosis 101


It's important to get a comprehensive understanding of what ketosis is and how it works in the body. In this module we'll look into what ketosis is, how it works, and what are some of the amazing benefits of ketosis.

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What Is Ketosis?

What exactly is ketosis? How does it work in the body? Why would we want to get into ketosis and become a fat burner? Let's find out!

Benefits Of Ketosis

Why should we even want to get into ketosis? What are some of the benefits? Here are some of the main reasons that we want to get into ketosis and some of the reasons why people are going NUTS over ketosis!

Insulin and Ketosis

Insulin is a very important hormone in regards to ketosis. It's on of the main factors that can influence whether or not your body gets into ketosis or not so it's important to understand what it does and how it works in ketosis!

Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis

"My doctor says keto is bad..." In this video we're going to break down the BIG difference between ketosis and the very dangerous ketoACIDosis. I'll show you how to avoid ketoacidosis and why ketosis is so healthy!


Ketoadaptation is the state in which your body is finely tuned to use fat for fuel, but in order to become Keto-Adapted or Fat-Adapted, a transition must first take place. 

Module 2: Achieving Ketosis


Now let's get into the nuts and bolts of how to actually achieve ketosis! We'll uncover the the simple and advanced strategies needed to achieve ketosis. You'll also learn what to expect during the transition and how to progress moving forward. 

Keto Diet Breakdown

Let's break down the big picture of the Keto Diet. What should you eat and what should you avoid. How much or how little of everything should you get? I'll also show you how to cater your keto diet based on your goals.

Your Goals Change Your Keto Ratios

The Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle should in no way be strict to an exact percentage. Depending on what your goals and activity levels are, you will need to adjust for your personal lifestyle, body type, and goals to make it work for you!

Top 4 Trouble Foods

There are 4 common foods that many people are getting when trying to go keto that is unknowingly keeping them from reaching their goals and experiencing the many benefits!

Why Exercise Is Critical For Ketosis

We all probably understand how important exercise is for our overall health, but in terms of ketosis, it's even more important and valuable to get you to the goals that you want to achieve through this course, whether it be weight loss or performance!

What To Expect When Going Keto

What should you expect when going Keto and getting into ketosis? What does it look like? What happens? Let's find out!

Hacks For Dealing With Keto Flu

The Ketones Flu is when your body is making the transition from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner! The transition can be a little jarring and feels similar to getting the flu. In this video we'll show you some amazing helpful strategies that will help you bust through the keto flu and get to the benefits!

Module 3: Measuring Ketosis

Keto Sticks

The cheapest and most affordable option is Keto Sticks. Let's look at the pro's and con's. 

Keto Breathalyzer

The 2nd option is to use a keto breathalyzer which analyzes your breath for ketone levels!


A Ketometer is by far the most accurate method of testing for blood ketones, but there are some pro's and con's. 

When To Test Your Ketone Levels

If you do choose to test and monitor your ketone levels it's important to know when is the optimal time to test your levels. Choosing the wrong time to test can give you some false information that could throw you off course. 

Long Term Tracking

Module 4: Intermittent Fasting

How Intermittent Fasting Works

In this video, we'll give you a basic understanding of what intermittent fasting is and how it works in the body!

Intermittent Fasting Benefits
Combining Intermittent Fasting and Keto

Combining intermittent fasting and ketosis is one of the most powerful combinations you can make for getting into ketosis quickly!

How To Begin Intermittent Fasting

In this video, we'll show you how to get started with intermittent fasting and how to slowly scale up to get the maximum benefits. 

What Can You Have During Your Fast

It may come as a shock to know that there are a few things you can have during your fasting window. We'll show you exactly what that is. 

Getting Maximum Benefits From Intermittent Fasting

How do you get the most from intermittent fasting? How do you get the maximum benefits from intermittent fasting? This video will show you the key strategies to use. 

Module 5: Protein

Why Protein Is A Big Deal For Ketosis

Getting too much protein can actually keep you from experiencing all of the benefits of ketosis. Here's why. 

How To Find The Right Amount of Protein For You

You'll learn how to find the perfect amount of protein for your specific body type and weight. 

Module 6: The Quickest Route To Ketosis

The Quickest Route To Ketosis

In this video, we'll lay out the blueprint and strategy to get into ketosis in the quickest and most effective possible. 

Exogenous Ketones

Learn the amazing benefits of exogenous ketones and what they can do to help your keto goals!

Fat Fueled Coffee

Fat Fueled Coffee aka Bulletproof Coffee aka Keto Coffee is a very helpful way to get some healthy fats into your coffee. 

Sneaky Sugar

Sugar is hiding in many everyday food items that you may be buying in the grocery store. Using these products that have hidden sugars could be keeping you from reaching your ketosis goals!

Bad Fats

Not all fats are created equal. There are some fats that do more harm than good. Let me show you which ones!

Avoid Alcohol
Stay The Course

Module 7: FAQ & Hacks

Review This Course!
Trouble Getting Into Ketosis?
What If I Stop?
Using Keto For Weight Loss

This video will show you some of the simple steps to using keto to lose weight!

What If I Don't Intermittent Fast?

Can't intermittent fast or are note able to intermittent fast? No problem. Here are some things you should do. 

How Often Should I Workout?

How often should you workout while going keto? Does it matter? It's important to find the right quantity and type of workout for you.

Keto & Minerals

Hydration and minerals are critical during ketosis. I'll show you why and how to stay on top of your mineral content. 

Bone Broth

Bone broth can be a powerful tool especially during the "keto flu." Learn the many benefits of bone broth!


The hardest part of keto is usually the snacks. Here are some great options. 

Digestion Feels Off

For some, they may feel some digestive discomfort when transitioning to ketosis. Here are some of the reasons why and how to tackle each one. 

Can Vegans or Vegetarians Go Keto?

Can Vegetarians or Vegans go keto? Yes! Here is how!


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